Heiltsuk Fonts

These are the installation instructions for the Keyboard Manager and the installation of the Heiltusk fonts. You can see how the Keyboard is laid out as well a master reference table.

The floating icon should look like this .

To activate is just press it and select any of the Heiltsuk fonts.

Pressing the specified keystrokes will give your the character.

Keyman Installation

Step  One
Download  Keyman 3.2

Step   Two
Save  to folder

Step  Three
Open  zip file

Step  Four
Agree  to license

Step  Five
Click Next
Click Next
Click Install Now

Step Six
Choose  - c:\keyman
Click OK

Step  Seven
Choose  - Heiltsuk Keyboard
Click OK

Step Eight
In Winzip
Extract Font Files at botton of  List
Extract to c:\Keyman

Font Installation



Control Panel



Install New Font

Click on c:\

Select C:\KEYMAN

Select all


Alt Keystroke Sequences
Ctl Keystroke Sequences

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