Frequently Asked  Questions

Mission Statement
The  Bella Bella Community School Society is committed to providing top quality  education to members of the Heiltsuk Nation. In order to  make strengthen  the Heiltsuk Culture it is necessary to provide education on the Heiltsuk  Language.

Is their  Mac Versions of the Heiltsuk Fonts?
Yes  it will be available online after the Windows version is complete. For  your info the fonts were originally developed on the Mac and the keystroke  sequences are much easier the use than the Windows version. However the  Windows version was reprogrammed to match the Mac Keystrokes.

Who is  the Webmaster?
Dale  Robinson is the Webmaster, he took up Multimedia Programming at CDIS  in  Burnaby, BC. He has 10 plus years of computer experience and for the most  part is self taught

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