The  Heiltsuk Alphabet is not like the English Alphabet, it is more of a phonetic  listing of all the individual sounds of the Language. There are 60 different  base sounds that  make up the Language.

The Alphabet Chart is available in different audio formats for your computer. The Wave Audio is good for computers with older media players. The Real Audio is for computers with the Real Player.  The MP3 audio is good for Mac computers.

A  special software program Keyman is used to type the characters into the  computer. It requires the Heiltsuk font to be installed and Keyman 3.1  or 3.2.

Install  Now?
Works with Win 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows 98.

Since  the Heiltsuk Alphabet has 60 characters several different alt and  ctrl keystroke sequences had to be programmed. The original Mac format  was retained because it was  fairly easy to remember. The Windows keystroke  sequences are very cryptic and hard to remember, but they were retained  because people had already learned these keystrokes.

A  numerical reference table is also useful for cross referencing the characters  with the keystroke sequences. This table gives the both the Mac and Windows  versions of the keystrokes. The installation of the  Keyboard manager and  fonts is tricky and needs some tweaking but when working properly the  Heiltsuk Language can be typed on the computer.

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