Heiltsuk Lessons

Lesson One is from cassette tapes of 1988. They are in Mp3 audio format and can be read by most computers. Other formats will be available later.

Ed Martin Sr. spoke Lesson One, some of Lesson Two and some words from a classified word list. They are in Windows Media Format and Real Audio format.

The Video section contains Heiltsuk Songs and Haisla Songs in Windows Media Format and Real Audio format.

The audio section contains songs from the Heiltsuk Language Programme and also the Heiltsuk Singers and Dancers.

There are also Haisla Songs from the Haisla Singers and Dancers.

To play the audio you must have the Windows Media Player 7 or the Real Audio Player.

The Short Promo and Long Promo sections contain the Short and Long versions of the Promotional Video for the School.

The Youth Dancers has a video of the Heiltsuk Youth concert with the Bahai Dancers.  Other videos to follow.

You must have the Windows Media Player 7 to view the videos in a stand alone player,

You donít need the WMP for the embedded video as it will be automatically installed as a Plugin. It may take a few minutes so please be patient.

Netscape Users, the WMP 7 Plugin for Netscape is required for the Audio and Video. The Plugin is under Windows Media Player tools.  If you have trouble getting it then download it here. Download? Some audio and video is available in Real Audio/Video.

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